Your Corporate Identity Is Proudly Worn

Do you represent a KMU, large company, hotel, bank, insurance company, trade fair organizer, service provider or association?

Your corporate identity is as unique as your company. Set new accents with employee clothing from SomySo - for a lasting appearance with your customers!

SomySo creates unique design concepts tailored to your needs.

We design your personal signature for all work and application areas, which not only correspond to the daily requirements and functions, but also trigger a daily sense of well-being in your employees!

With SomySo you will work on your Design Concept together with a dedicated partner and specialist.

  • We will work with your individual needs, taking into account the specific functional demands of the uniform based on the usage whether that is in the restaurant, hotel reception, housekeeping or Spa
  • We will take our time to help create your own personal signature within your corporate clothing
  • We understand the differing demands and requirements of uniform as well as the environments within which they will be used. We will always take into consideration details such as material quality, wash and wear functions, even down to the number of pockets.

Your wishes and desires inspire us.  Using a systematic approach we will deliver a truly wonderful result tailored to you.

  • Based on your requirements, budget and goals you will work together with our Chief Designer and our Marketing specialist
  • We use high quality, high performance fabric produced in Europe
  • We use sustainable production techniques and guarantee repeat order
  • We ensure environmentally and socially sustainable production
  • The resulting clothing collection will be exclusive to you
  • The development phase will involve initial design drafts, followed by several prototypes in order for you to get a real feel for the product before production begins

At SomySo we do not compromise on fabric selection and we place the highest emphasis on quality and sustainability.

  • In the creation of our corporate fashion solutions, we use high quality fabrics (with the OEKO- TEX Standard 100 quality stamp), beautifully detailed cuts and crisps lines to produce wonderfully structured and beautiful garments
  •  Quality is our priority with a focus on responsibility in the development of all our product

We offer you the highest quality with exceptional value for money.

  • Unique designs, long lasting, breathable and crease-resistant materials which feel great to wear combine to make the perfect first impression and most importantly to us, happy employees
  • Please call us without obligation and we will be happy to discuss further how we could assist

Our Services

Your wishes and ideas are an incentive for us - we create your unique appearance whilst making a statement.

Corporate Design

We work out a design collection designed to meet your wishes and needs. Certified materials with a long service life that meet your functional requirements. Our clothing provides your employees with the highest comfort!

Corporate Fashion

If the lead time for your project is short, we work in Corporate Fashion with already existing collections and advise you with our many years of expertise and support you to put together a collection tailored precisely to your needs.


Ready for your perfect appearance at the Business Meeting? Tailormade, perfect fit and a high level of quality awareness accompany all work steps right through to the finished couture product.

Our Key Criteria

Your Corporate Identity is proudly worn!  

Representation purpose

KMU, large companies, hotels, banks, insurance companies, trade fair organisers or premium service providers - we know the different requirements and areas on a daily basis and take care of the necessary wearing and washing functions.


Your needs, budgets and objectives are discussed and worked out together with the designer and the marketing specialists. We take our time for you and create your personal signature for your corporate clothing!

Development Phases

The various development phases include individual design drafts, followed by prototypes to test the wearing comfort and haptic appearance before the final production starts for you.


We offer you an unbeatable price-performance ratio at the highest quality level. Unique designs, durable, breathable and crease-free materials with a feel-good effect for a perfect appearance and satisfied employees!